Day 1 – The Longest Day

8 Oct

Our first day began very early.  Up at 4:30, usual morning routine and last minute preparations.  Fred gave us a ride to the 6:20 ferry.  We arrived at YVR for check in at China Southern and then had 3 hrs to kill – not so difficult at beautiful Vancouver airport with a little help from Starbucks and Tim Horton’s.  Our plane from Vancouver to Guangzhou was a revelation on a new twist of how-many-economy-passengers-can-you-shoehorn-into-one-plane!  The seat measurements were clearly based on the smallest possible space for the average Chinese.  Fine for little me but not so for Geoff and Allan.  A long 13 hours for them!! Anyway, the food was good.  My Kobo e-reader decided to give up the ghost after chapter 6 of the first of my 100 downloaded books!   Aagh, a holiday without reading, willl I survive!  Anyway the food was good.

Guangzhou airport was another zoo.  The usual line up, answer a bunch of questions, get your passport stamped, all this just to change planes.  The plane from Guangzhou to Kathmandu was nice – an Airbus 330 (or something).  Loads of room on this 4hr 20 min flight – go figure!  Just to cap off China Southern’s dubious service, we arrived to find that my suitcase was still in Guangzhou and wouldn’t arrive until the next day.  Luckily Mingma was there to meet us and smooth the way as usual.  He will look after retrieving my bag and delivering it to our hotel.  We finally found our beds at about 1 am local time, 29 hours after we first got up.  As usual, the body decides what time it really is, so here I sit at 6 am the next morning filling out yesterday’s journal.  Hey ho, let’s see what today (my birthday) brings!

Image     Image

D-Day Minus 8

28 Sep

Another successful practice climb up Mt. Benson yesterday.  Look out EBC, here we come!

3rd Try

12 Sep

Okay, third try.  This is Jiri where we will start our trek:

2nd Try

12 Sep

Here goes to try doing a second post.

Picture of Namche Bazaar just for fun:

Getting Ready

12 Sep

Day 1 minus 26

Setting up the blog that I hope will document our trip to Everest Base Camp (EBC).  Well here goes, let’s see if I can upload a photo of Everest just for inspiration!